Oil depots in regions

ВAll oil depots are equipped with the modern equipment in compliance with requirements of industrial and fire safety. At all types of works the safety measures necessary at operations with oil products are strictly observed.

Central Federal District

Our basis in the central region is in Ryazan. In the territory of oil depot services in shipment of dark and light oil products are made. Equipment of base includes two bulk points of the gulf and nine points of discharge. Capacities for fuel oil storage are provided. The territory of base is under continuous video surveillance. The branch line suitable closely to oil depot, and own railway deadlock allow to receive oil products in tank cars. For their reception and discharge filling of cars the railway deadlock in east part of Ryazan is equipped.

We also provide services of own park of fuel trucks, oil-carriers on Central federal district. All cars are equipped with GLONASS system, pumps, fire extinguishers. We don't resort to the help of hired carriers, ensuring safety of quality and volumes of a product. For service of motor transport the asphalted way across all territory, including entrances to base is paved.

2000 tons
Total amount of storage of oil products




In Siberia two main oil depots are located: near Novokuznetsk, in the territory of the airport and in Omsk. The oil depot in Novokuznetsk is intended for work with dark and light oil products. The equipment of oil depot provides two points of filling and discharge, there is own railway deadlock. The road is laid across all territories. In winter constant cleaning of snow is carried out.

1500 tons

Total amount of storage of oil products

In Omsk — the equipped base for storage of oil products with a convenient entrance and the railway deadlock. Own vehicle fleet transports products across the territory of Siberia, it includes seven fuel trucks and oil-carriers — the equipment is regularly replenished with new units. All cars are equipped with GLONASS system, pumps, fire extinguishers

1000 tons

Total amount of storage of oil products


Volga Federal District

On the Volga district we work in cooperation with regional partners, using their resources, including oil depots. Now the long-term relations with bases to Naberezhnye Chelny, Perm, Samara are improved.

All bases work round the clock and provide a full range of services.


Also cars of vehicle fleet of partners are involved — all equipment regularly has strict technical inspection, answers all necessary parameters, is equipped with pumps, GLONASS system. At the request of clients all-terrain vehicles are provided.